What Is Fitline

FitLine Shape Me Up provides you everything you need to reach your personal goal! During the 30-days you will get the latest FitLine Shape routine, delicious recipes, powerful workouts and ongoing motivational tips that will get you in the shape you want!

How Fitline Works


Order your favorite 7 cans of FitLine ProShape All-in-1

Don’t forget to buy your FitLine shaker to concoct delicious Shape recipes. You can replace your ProShape All-in-1 can by your favorite bars ProShape 2 go.


Simply replace meals with ProShape All-in-1

Simply replace 3 main meals on day 1-2 and 2 main meals on day 3-30 with ProShape All-in-1.


Healthy and Tasty

Discover the delicious and healthy recipes we provide for you in FitLine Kitchen.


Quickly and efficiently

Get challenged and get back in shape with our workout plan.

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