What Are IV Infusions

IV Therapy is a minimally invasive medically safe procedure to deliver intravenous fluid, electrolytes, vitamins, antioxidants and additional supplements directly into the blood stream. It is the most efficient and effective method for the body to receive vital nutrients. Nutrient deficiency is common, and risk factors include aging, stress, smoking, diet, altered gut microbiome, systemic inflammation, and pollution.

Benefits Of IV Infusions

IV nutritional therapy can have a great positive impact on health. Clients who have had this treatment find that, within hours of the treatment, they have more energy, their immune systems are boosted, and they have a greater sense of well-being. In addition, IV nutritional therapy slows many of the effects of aging.

Vitamins and minerals help your body perform a multitude of tasks. These essential nutrients help heal wounds, strengthen bones, repair damage to your cells, and boost your immune system. Plus, they change food into energy.

Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? More than enough? How can you ensure you’re getting the right amount? It depends on whom you ask.

A healthy diet is still the simplest and best way to get all the vitamins and minerals you need, but there’s also a shortcut called the Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drip, which infuses your system with larger doses of nutrients than you’d get in a daily vitamin pill.

The IV Vitamin Drip transmits not only vitamins and minerals, but also amino acids right into your bloodstream. This skips the digestive tract, giving you a quicker and more highly concentrated absorption rate than with pills. The drip floods your system to give all your cells the nutrition they need. In addition, larger doses of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can be delivered by IV than by that daily vitamin pill, meaning you will feel a difference faster.


  • Rehydrating Drip (Saline, Vitamin B12)

  • Beauty Drip (Vit C, Biotin, B Complex, Magnesium Chloride)

  • Fat Burner Drip (MIC, Taurine, Vitamin C, B Complex)

  • Anti - Aging Drip (Glutathione, Vitamin C, B Complex)

  • Supreme Med Spa Loaded Drip (Combination Of All Of Our Vitamins)


  • B Complex: Produce energy, forms red blood cells

  • B12: Uses fat and carbs for energy

  • Glutathione: Mother of all Antioxidant, brightens complexion

  • MIC: Gets rid of fat deposits in different part of the body

  • Magnesium Chloride: Cellular detoxification and tissue purification

  • Vitamin C: Skin clarity, protect against immune system deficiencies, antioxidant

  • Taurine: Decreases stress, burns fat, increases force production, improves endurance and performance

  • Biotin: Thickens hair, prevents brittle nails, and beautifies skin